I made a goal for 2021 to record a cover song each month. Originally, I had intended to record and release the same month, but that didn't provide me with enough time to promote each song, so I'll release each the following month.

I have a tendency to sit on projects. A song will be near-complete and I'll continue tweaking it until I'm sick of it, burying it away and never showing anyone. The month deadline forces me to break this habit.

There is no common thread between the songs I end up covering. I started the year with fewer than a dozen ideas, sometimes starting a song, realizing it doesn't work, and scrapping it.

Book of Love
originally by The Magnetic Fields

recorded March 2021, April February 2021

originally by New Order

recorded February 2021, released March 2021

God Called in Sick Today
originally by AFI

recorded January 2021, released February 2021